About Us

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“Making future leaders”

Our Philosophy

We believe that careful nurturing of beautiful young minds in a holistic learning environment empowers them to realize their innate potential and contribute to the wellbeing of the society and planet in the future as responsible global citizens.

Our dream is to nurture the leaders, innovators and achievers of tomorrow by providing them with a strong foundation of belief, knowledge and reason to make the world a better place.

Stimulus, as the name suggests, believes in giving an impetus to the child’s growth by nurturing the child in an amiable learning environment which allows the child to explore and discover his/her potential.

Just as the caterpillar comes out of the cocoon and spreads its wings by turning into a beautiful butterfly, we at Stimulus work to provide a foundation of values and knowledge to your children, which will help them spread their wings and soar high.


“Caring, Nurturing and Guiding”

Our Pedagogy

Our children learn through a balanced combination of various child centered methodologies and child-directed experiences which include classroom concept sharing, project-based adventure activities, interactive learn-by-experience modules, mother-toddler interactions, and mentor-directed skill development. 

Kids at Stimulus play, explore, create and discover as they develop the knowledge and acquire the confidence needed to become global citizens. We believe young children learn best through hands-on, interactive experiences which is why our pedagogy, curriculum, and teaching tools reflect a blend of the best practices and techniques designed to develop relevant analytical and logical skills, language comprehension, and scientific concepts while ensuring that the kids enjoy themselves thoroughly.

Our teaching methodology is a unique blend of Play way along with Montessori style of learning, which provides the child the important skills such as:

  • Interactive learning, where the child would learn through    experience based on interactions with the real world.
  • Concept based learning within circle time and groups
  • Enhancement of confidence and communication skills

We at Stimulus provide a loving and caring environment for a child’s spiritual, physical, analytical, and moral development. Our children enjoy the freedom of choice, of expression and of creating their own path to discovery and knowledge.

At Stimulus, all teachers love working with children, and are thorough professionals in their fields. With the help of the thoughtful guidance, encouragement and inspiration from the teachers, children learn new skills in a playful way.

Stimulus provides a wonderful learning environment and a great sense of openness. This includes our vast indoor space with large bright classrooms and an equal of about 6000 sq. ft outdoors, where our children will be free to explore, discover and learn while honing their physical and mental abilities.

Stimulus Preschool is extraordinary place for young children to learn and grow.

“Holding hands and guiding minds”

Our Teachers

Teachers at Stimulus Preschool are highly qualified, dedicated professional educators. They care about children, value education, and have concrete knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices and early childhood development. All teachers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have a passion for working with young children. 

The teachers in our preschool classrooms have three key roles they will move artfully between.

Facilitator: Teachers ensure that the learning environment stimulates a sense of inquisitiveness, and is rich with learning experiences designed for both group and individual needs. Teachers will then move through that environment providing support, challenge and encouragement to creative and critical thinking as children explore and learn. Teachers ensure that students exercise both independence and peer collaboration.

Observer:Teachers at Stimulus take it as their responsibility to truly know and understand each and every child. As they observe, they watch for opportunities to extend the children’s learning and document their progress and areas for further growth.

Instructor: Direct instruction is important to teach new concepts and skills at appropriate moments. Teachers will choose those opportunities thoughtfully and give children the concrete concepts necessary as a foundation for later learning.

“We provide an environment for the child to explore and learn”

Our Principal

The vision and the driving force behind Stimulus Preschool, is the Director and the Principal of the school, Mrs. Amita Lalit. An illustrious and versatile personality, Mrs. Lalit is a passionate educationist with qualifications in the field of education, science, law and management. She loves to learn new skills and believes that age should never limit an individual’s quest for learning. 

Inspired by the Montessori teaching methodology, Mrs. Amita Lalit founded the school in 2011 with a vision of nurturing young minds with values, knowledge, skill sets and an independent thought process. For the holistic development of young minds at Stimulus, she incorporated various extracurricular and circle time activities within the Montessori framework of teaching. This framework has been widely appreciated and has led to various success stories at Stimulus.

A trained musician and artist, Mrs. Lalit believes that a child centered teaching pedagogy coupled with experiential learning environment enables a child to develop a scientific aptitude along with an innate creative expression.

Under her dynamic leadership and guidance, the institution is growing exponentially and creating leaders for the future.