1. How future ready is the school?

We have a state of  the art school with good infrastructure, CCTV cameras, GPS in all transport vans, fire fighting equipment in all areas, generator and inverter back up, good and caring staff and all safety and hygiene issues are taken care of

  1. How skilled are the teachers?

All our teachers are well versed in English and are minimum graduates with qualification of NTT /B.Ed

  1. Does learning happen outside the classroom? 

Most of the learning happens outside the school. And so our school is aptly termed Stimulus

  1. Does learning happen outside the textbooks?

Yes,very much. We do not believe in rote learning or text book learning.  We devise our own curriculum for the children

5.   How safe and secure are the learning spaces?

We have a guard permanently stationed at school, fire fighting equipment in all areas, generator and inverter back up, and regular workshops for teachers and staff to deal in event of any natural calamity

  1.  What is the value system of the school?

 We believe in imparting good moral values to the children and for that we have regular intensive morning prayers and assembly. We teach tolerance for all religions and prayers of  each religion. Good manners and good habits are inculcated in the children

     7.   How does the pre- school help in formal school admission?

We prepare your child for the interactions and boost their confidence levels .Our children get admission in all good reputed schools. Children get admission in class 1 also in good reputed schools of their choice

  1. Should my child study nursery/kg from your school?

Yes definitely. Our school offers smaller teacher child ratio and therefore gives more attention to children. Our children learn much more than any given child of his age. And at the end of it our child gets admission to any good reputed school in Kg or class 1 too. Therefore parents are unnecessarily hassled by the hype generated by admissions everywhere.

  1.  My child is not toilet trained , Do you help children with toilet needs?

We take the child regularly to the toilet and he /she learns toilet habits gradually.

10.   What are your hours of operation?

Our school operates Mon to Friday from 9-12 pm. Our school office is open from 8 am-3 pm and on Saturdays from 9-2 pm. For more information visit our admissions page

11.   What is the enrollment process?

 Please visit our admissions page

12.  Is there a specific enrollment period?

 Our sessions start in April of each year. But we are open to admissions all throughout the year. Please contact us for further enquiry

13.   Do you have an after school/day care program ?

Yes we do. And our day care is also airy , open with seperate playing areas, sleeping area, studying and dining area

14.   Do you have a summer program?

Yes we do. We have a summer workshop conducted every year

15.   What classes /levels do you offer ?

 We offer classes till Class Kg



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